Aug 29, 21

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Why is our marketplace in beta?

Why is our marketplace in beta?

We're still building our workflow catalog.

The Ryax Marketplace is still under construction, and it will remain in the "beta" status until we're satisfied with our workflows' coverage. We are aiming at addressing most pressing topics for analysis in domains such as manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, finance, supply chain, various detection/classification use-cases, etc. And we won't stop until this goal is reached.

This explains why our workflow catalog keeps on growing everyday.


But rest assured, our automation platform is ready!

You can already use our platform to deploy the existing workflows in our catalog, as well as your own workflows. If you want to know more, you can apply to a 15-day free trial.


And you can always reach out to our Community if you need a specific workflow.

We'll take your request, assist you in desribing its specifications and implement it in priority so you can start using it as fast as possible.

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