Aug 30, 21

Ryax Technologies

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Ryax is employees’ simplest online tool for advanced data analytics.

Here is what Ryax is about:

  • Generating data-powered business insights with a very simple online tool.
  • Using the most advanced data techniques, to test data, try out new ideas, fail fast, and start over.
  • Building a data science project completely independently of IT, tech & data teams

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Give everyone the freedom to use advanced data analytics to go further in their work than they ever imagined possible.

For this, we provide employees with:

  1. The skills: a community of highly-skilled, sector-specific experts create the necessary components for use by the non-tech users.
  2. The building blocks: employees can use advanced data analytics independently of all other teams through our marketplace which brings together ready-to-use algorithms and connectors.
  3. The run: employees deploy their data flows in a few clicks through our automated SaaS DataOps platform.


At Ryax Technologies, we believe everyone should be able to use the most advanced analytics techniques daily to test data, fail fast, and start all over again.

That’s why we’ve created a simple online tool, to give frontline employees the freedom to build and run automated data analytics projects in just a few clicks - independently of all other teams.

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