Posted on 2021-08-03
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Best and slow sellers / next supply action

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Empower Supply Chain Teams with a tool that predicts the customer demand on a regular basis and suggests the desired Supply chain action to follow in order to satisfy customer needs and regulate stock rotations.

Business benefit

Decision making tool that can lead to ERP automation (e.g. Anaplan supply actions):
▪ Prediction of the demand on a specific time horizon (eg. weekly basis)
▪ Best supply action to apply in order to avoid extra stocks, shortages etc.

Relevant for

  • Supply Chain
  • Merchandising
  • Business Units

Data inputs (mandatory)

▪ SKU: What?
▪ Client: Who?
▪ Purchase date: When?

Data inputs (nice to have)

▪ Product category
▪ Boutique name
▪ Boutique location
▪ Price
▪ Time

Data Output

▪ Table containing a ranking of best / slow selling SKUs, and the recommended supply action for each of them

Technical description

Technical details provided on request (contact us).
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