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Listing summary

  • End of life Retail
  • €380.00  / use (try free)

Analytics status

  • Beta

Business benefit

A ranked list of all products based on their probability to be sold in a specific time horizon (predicted sell-thru rate in the next 1/2/3 months) – from the most probable to be sold to the least probable ones

Data inputs (mandatory)

▪ SKU: What?
▪ Client: Who?
▪ Purchase date: When?

Data inputs (nice to have)

▪ Product category
▪ Time
▪ Boutique name
▪ Boutique location

Data Output

▪ Table containing the list of SKUs showing the "end of life" score and the related time frame

Technical description

Technical details provided on request (contact us).


Enable Supply Chain/Merchandising Teams by delivering a fully-automated decision making tool showing all products/SKUs that are performing well/not performing enough in a specific time horizon.