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Listing summary

  • Quickly identify your best sellers and slow movers in your current catalog Retail
  • €380.00  / use (try free)

Analytics status

  • Beta

Business benefit

By running this analysis, you can expect a major positive change on those metrics :
▪ stock rotation rate
▪ sell-through rate
▪ total turnover
▪ merchandise loss rate (markdown %)

Data inputs (mandatory)

A first file showing the historical sales data including :
▪ SKU number : identification of the product being sold
▪ purchase date
▪ quantity

A second file showing the remaining stock (quantity of items in stocks including all moves such as replenishment, transfer etc.):
▪ SKU number
▪ stock
▪ date

Data Output

Output you get for this analysis is the list of SKUs along with the suggested supply chain action to perform

Technical description

Technical details provided on request (contact us).


Getting troubles with overstock in one store and shortage in another one? These are consequences of allocation mistakes done prior to the product delivery in store. This analysis will help you correct these problems by predicting the sales in a short term horizon (weekly as the reference) and suggesting the best supply chain action to perform in order to achieve those predicted sales goals : replenishment, shipping, transfer, allocation...

Usually ran on a regular basis to adjust impacts of former supply actions on actual sales and suggested next actions. It can either be an automated analysis sent periodically through mail or a regular process pushed to your favorite supply chain ERP/demand planning tool