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Listing summary

  • Get a trend forecast for a specific product Retail
  • Free

Analytics status

  • Available

Business benefit

The major positive impacts to be expected by running this analysis are essentially on :
▪ total turnover
▪ sell-through rate

Data inputs (mandatory)

We'll be using historical sales data containing the following information:
▪ Date : historical timestep of observation (could be daily, monthly, weekly…)
▪ Revenue : sales in quantity or revenue

Data Output

You will get two deliverables:
▪ the predicted sales
▪ a graphical presentation of the predictions

Technical description

We use a regular ARIMA model to deliver this prediction. ARIMA refers to auto-regressive "AR", integrated "I", and moving average"MA". This is a statistical analysis model that uses time series data to either better understand the dataset or to predict future trends.


Can only be performed for a single item or product line. For more advanced predictions, please refer to our sales forecast analysis.


Loosing your time on Excel to predict the unpredictable? Use this analysis to quickly get a sales prediction for your product. Just provide the model with the total sales for this product at the desired timestep (could be daily, weekly, monthly) and the desired forecast timeline (how long in the future you would like the model to predict).

Simple tool that can be used for companies selling a single product or companies willing to get an overview of the total sales prediction for an entire activity. It can either be an automated analysis sent periodically through mail or a regular process pushed to your favorite supply chain ERP/demand planning tool