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Listing summary

  • Get the best price for second hand items of your catalog Retail
  • Free

Analytics status

  • Available

Business benefit

This analysis will substantially impact the below:
▪ stock rotation rate
▪ total turnover
▪ merchandise outlet quantity

Data inputs (mandatory)

A file showing the historical sales data including :
▪ SKU number : identification of the product being sold
▪ purchase date
▪ quantity
▪ condition

A second file showing the remaining stock (quantity of items in stocks including all moves such as replenishment, transfer etc.):
▪ SKU number
▪ stock
▪ date

Data Output

Output you get from this analysis is the suggested price for every item

Technical description

Technical details provided on request (contact us).


Is this price okay for my product? Or is it lowering my sales? There's only one way to find this out by testing this analysis. it analyzes all past sales along with the items condition to draw a consistent prediction of your products future performance and its related price.

Simple tool that can be used for companies selling second-hand products. It can either be an automated analysis sent periodically through mail or a regular process pushed to your favorite ERP.