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Listing summary

  • Suggest the best items to your clients to maximize cross-sell and up-sell Retail
  • €35.00  / use (try free)

Analytics status

  • Beta

Business benefit

Get positive impacts on the following metrics by running this analysis:
▪ upsell %
▪ cross-sell %
▪ total turnover
▪ AOV (Average Order Value)
▪ Items per basket

Data inputs (mandatory)

▪ SKU number: what (product)? — Format: string of characters ideally corresponding to an ID
▪ Color
▪ Shape
▪ Pattern
▪ Material
▪ Size (optional)

Data inputs (nice to have)

A file showing the historical sales data and product attributes :
▪ SKU number : identification of the product being sold
▪ purchase date
▪ quantity
▪ product category
▪ product sub-category

Data Output

Output you get from this analysis is the list of recommendations per SKU

Technical description

Technical details provided on request (contact us).




Cross-sell and up-sell are one of the key metrics in a Business. They show your products are globally attractive and valued by your clients. How can your customers be aware of your product options if you don't tell them what you offer? Suggesting recommendations can be a challenging task especially if your product catalog is evolving quickly.By taking into account all your product attributes (color, size, shape, pattern...) this analysis will return a number of top items your client might be interested in in the same category (up-sell) or a sister category (cross-sell)

Can either be used in store embeded in Sales Associates applications, linked to store availability (stock information) or in e-commerce as well, suggesting similar products within a product description.