Posted on 2021-08-03
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Detection of high potentials

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Empower Clienteling Teams/Sales Associates with a tool that recommends a list of High Potential Clients who are more likely to purchase/come back within a specific timeframe along with the most probable product category to be purchased.

Business benefit

A ready-to-use clienteling program powered by :
▪ High value customer spotting, suggesting a list of high potential clients to contact.
▪ Recommendation Algorithm suggesting the most probable categories/items to be purchased by the client

Relevant for

  • Clienteling
  • Retail Performance
  • Boutique management
  • Customer Experience
  • Sales

Data inputs (mandatory)

▪ SKU: What?
▪ Client: Who?
▪ Purchase date: When?

Data inputs (nice to have)

▪ Product Category
▪ Boutique Name
▪ Boutique Location
▪ Price
▪ Time

Data Output

▪ Table containing a list of customers and their potential score

Technical description

Technical details provided on request (contact us).