Posted on 2021-11-04
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Suggest top 4 items for your clients

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Recommending a product isn't an easy task. You're not in your customer's mind and you might not have time to do that for every single one of them. Make this process flawless in your business by using this analysis. It analyses all past sales to return the top 4 recommended items per client.

Can either be used in store embedded in Sales Associates applications, linked to store availability (stock information) or in e-commerce as well, suggesting similar products within a product description.

Analytics status

  • Available

Business benefit

Thanks to this analysis, you can expect major positive impacts on those KPIs:
▪ upsell %
▪ cross-sell %
▪ total turnover
▪ AOV (Average Order Value)
▪ Items per basket

Data inputs (mandatory)

We'll be using historical sales data containing the following information :
▪ InvoiceNo : ID of the actual purchase
▪ StockCode : SKU number (or SKU ID)
▪ Description : written description of the item/SKU
▪ Quantity : number of the same SKU being sold to the same client (if applicable, otherwise it will be "1")
▪ InvoiceDate : actual purchase date
▪ UnitPrice ; SKU/Item unit price
▪ CustomerID : ID number of the client
▪ Country : Country where the purchase has been made

Data Output

▪ You receive for every customer the top 4 product recommendations ranked by probability.

Technical description

Technical details provided on request (contact us).


Clients must have purchased at least once in the last 12 months from observation date.